In late 1997, San Diego Trolley was experiencing considerable noise and squeal problems on the recently opened "Mission Valley Line".


San Diego Trolley contacted Synco Chemical Corporation and agreed to move forward with some field testing. Synco Chemical Corporation holds multiple patents for suspending Polytetrafluoroethylene in a Synthetic  based lubricant. Synco provided the necessary samples of product to begin the field testing. Once the field tests were underway, we knew that we may have a the solution to the noise problem. Working with Synco the product was refined to produce a product with optimum properties for rail application. 


Shortly after San Diego Trolley was up and running with the SuperLube Rail Lubricant, Portland Tri-Met had heard about our success, they sent two Track Engineers to San Diego Trolley to observe the successful "Noise Reduction". The Tri-Met Engineers returned to Portland and immediately installed the "Synco SuperLube Rail Noise Reduction System".


Thus began the Noise Suppression Rail Lubrication protocol for many rail systems. 


The long-term benefits of using SuperLube Rail Lubricant turns out to be astounding.....We not only shut-down the noise, but we also found an amazing reduction in "Rail Wear". Which turns out to be a very significant economic advantage. The "Rail Wear Reduction" has been documented in a study at San Diego Trolley and presented at the WRI Conference in Chicago.  One other significant advantage is the ability of the "SuperLube Rail Lubricant" to "Track" . We have documented that the "SuperLube Rail Lubricant" will successfully track up to 25 miles. This is another substantial economic advantage; few applicators required. 


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