Noise Solutions

Rail / Wheel Wear Reduction

The characteristic and disturbing squal that comes from steel wheels running on steel tracks, particularly at curves or in tight radiuses, can be minimized or eliminated by employing the proper lubricating products and methods.



Super Lube® offers both Switch plate and Railroad Lubricants To The Rail and Transit Industry


In late 1997 Super Lube was successfully tested by San Diego Trolley as a Lubricant for noise reduction. 



Super Lube is a patented synthetic lubricant possessing a stable suspension of PTFE particles. After hand brushing this lubricant onto the gauge face of the rail, the noise seemed to have been greatly diminished. san Diego Trolley went through a long series of applications, observing, applications, observing, etc. replicating their efforts. They then realized that they were on to something.


Over the course of many days, brushing the new lubricant on to the gauge face, and knocking out the noise, they knew they had reached a milestone - now they just needed to figure out how to make it last for more than 5 or 6 train passes, to keep a constant supply on the rail. They couldn't just continue to brush it on by hand.


San Diego Trolley tried numerous arrangements before settling on a standard applicator bar with a wayside lubricator. After more lab work, a new version of this lubricant was developed specifically to meet the particular demands of the wheel flange and rail interface, as well as a manner in which it was to be applied to the rail.


Thus began the rail lubrication protocol at San Diego Trolley.



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